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Lies. Deceit. Betrayal. The Romney/Ryan Ticket has spent millions of dollars from all their shadow-donors on advertisements attacking President Obama. This is contrary to Former Gov Romney’s absurd claim that the President is out-spending him. Some of the television ads have been controversial, sparking questions and challenges from journalists. Thus far, one specific topic of the advertisements have been the most controversial as of yet. Romney’s camp have put out a series of television commercials spewing filthy lies about President Obama’s change to the Welfare requirements. And when challenged about these ads, he supports them while rejecting them…huh? Romney responded that the Obama administration does not have the authority to change, and especially waive, the Welfare work requirements that have been in place since the Clinton Administration. This is a different story from the ads Romney’s camp delivered to millions of people all over the United States. These ads claim that the work requirements have been dropped…completely. News organizations from around the country have pointed out that fact-checkers have said that is not the case, and the ads are untrue…completely.

“Fact-checkers on both sides of the aisle will look in the way they think is most consistent with their own views,” Romney said. Doesn’t that conflict with the whole point of being a fact-checker? Do we have fact-checker-checkers? Romney continued, “It’s very clear that others who have looked at the same issue feel that the president violates the provision of the act which requires work in welfare, defines what work is. He guts that, he ends that requirement for those that seek that welfare.”

Multiple states, Democratic- and Republican-led, have asked the administration to consider implementing a system where the states have to demonstrate they can increase welfare employment by 20% or face penalties.  As of this moment, the Obama administration has not announced that it has issued any waivers.  But the Romney Camp does not allow this accuracy to flow.  They just shout from the rooftops that the sky is falling and Obama is eliminating welfare work requirements.  We shall see if the American people will truly believe the big lie, before they believe all the small ones.