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Facts?!?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Facts!

It is not clear who the culprit is. It is not clear if the GOP is causing it, or Fox News, or the Romney/Ryan ticket, or the Religious Right, or if it’s just the “nature of the beast,” but it seems that Conservatives are allergic to facts. What else is the reason to avoid them like the Plague. One can argue that this condition popped up on the radar during the Nixon administration, but it definitely exploded during the Reagan years and then again during the “W” Dark Age.  Just a single, small point to support this position: “[Public Policy Polling] asked voters who they thought deserved more credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden: Obama or Romney. 63 percent said Obama, 31 percent weren’t sure, and 6 percent said Romney. The results for Republican voters were even more astonishing. 38 percent said Obama, 47 percent weren’t sure, and 15 percent said Romney,” (Matthews, Washington Post)  It is not understood how this even happened.  I get how some people are misinformed and others are completely uninformed, however to even come to the decision in one’s head that Mitt Romney had ANYTHING at all, ever, to do with the killing of bin Laden is beyond comprehension.

Fox News is the known source of information to much of the right-wing and almost all of the people in the South and Midwest of the US.  However, there have been more than one study showing that a person is more informed if they don’t watch any television at all than if they sat and watched Fox News all day, every day.  Starting with an article written by Kenneth Rapoza for about a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll and an additional SIX more studies, there has been evidence that Fox News viewers to be the most misinformed about, and in a right-wing direction, about global warming, health care, health care a second time, the Ground Zero mosque, the Iraq war, and the 2010 election.  This unofficially named “Fox News Effect” is frightening and says a lot about today’s media, what is truly fair and balanced, and the right-wing.

The Romney/Ryan Campaign are not ignoramuses.  They are analysts, advisers, strategists, and former staffers to other administrations.  They HAVE to know about this “information-gap” within their base and they have to be capitalizing on it.  Why else would Romney be so close to President Obamain the polls?  Romney/Ryan are campaigning to the ignorant, sometimes racist, Palin-loving, religious conservatives that do not know much and are happy about it.  That could be a reason why Romney and Ryan never get into the specifics about their policies.  It is because they know that their uninformed base cannot comprehend the specifics, and they do not care to boot.  The problem is Romney and Ryan have to run as “the Other;” the anti-Obama; the lesser of two evils.  In talking with other conservatives, Romney is not specific enough, not conservative enough, he’s not a real Christian, and no one knows what position he’ll take from day-to-day.  He’s a businessman trying to run his campaign, and maybe his presidency, like a business.  But the American govt is not to turn a profit, and besides Romney was a lousy businessman who inherited his fortune from his father. And if there were specifics to his policies and positions, the Right does not have a Bill Clinton to explain it to them.

Bill Clinton Explaining Pres. Obama’s Policies at the 2012 DNC

Say what they must about their own campaign and policies, nothing gets the Romney/Ryan ticket up in the polls like Obama-bashing.  But they are finding it increasingly difficult to bash him in anything other than not solving the economic crisis fast enough.  They can’t touch President Obama on foreign policy, or drilling for gas/oil, or mining, or green energy.  They can’t touch him on healthcare, even though they’ve tried like hell, or education, or immigration. They throw the word socialist around, but Obama has been the worst socialist President ever, even though he is not one.

You see, there are a few things the right-wing do not know about President Obama because either Fox News “forgot to mention it” or because they were distracted by the President’s skin color.  When facts are released, the Romney/Ryan Ticket have NOTHING to run on.  Obama probably stopped the Second-Coming of the Great Depression, gave the country healthcare, got the US out of Iraq, started the withdrawal from Afghanistan, was essential in the killing of Osama bin Laden and Muammar al-Gaddafi, implemented Wall Street Reform, the Auto Bailout, the DREAM Act, repealed Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell, put two women on the Supreme Court, reactivated Stem Cell Research, equal pay for women, stopped torture, and reformed student loans for college students.
But hey, don’t distract yourselves with the facts and figures of history and current events.  Because if you do, you forget that the President is a Black Muslim with a Negro army who are coming to take you away to socialist FEMA re-education camps that will make you give away all your money to the poor illegals while you sit in front of a death-panel…