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So this weekend, in Tampa, Florida, in the path of a possible hurricane, the Republicans will hold their national convention. The RNC Chair, Reince Priebus will be there, Mike Huckabee is speaking, Paul Ryan has a small spot in the schedule, even Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, will have a speaking role over the course of the next few days. Republican bundlers will have their own hotel all to themselves, and of course, unless you’re staking out the hotel, no one knows who these shadowy figures are. The RNC even renamed a pavilion after the gazillionaire donor Sheldon Adelson‘s wife, just for the time during the convention. But do you know who’s not going to be there? Some of the biggest decision-makers of the Republican Party over the past decade – George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin… John McCain will be there, but only for a tiny little speech in between 2 relatively unknown Republican Party “figures.”  There will be, however, lots of mini-conventions that are not going to be open to the press.  These are the expensive dinners, closed-door meetings, strategy-sessions, and million-dollar fundraising events garnered toward the donors funding the RNC machine.  Who’s going to those?  Well, it is almost a given that the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove and his Crossroads GPS “peeps” will be among the attendees, as well as hundreds more of the 1%-ers swarming the poor town of Tampa.

Not only is this storm coming to Tampa, but a possible hurricane as well.  As this is being typed, Tropical Storm Isaac is moving directly towards the RNC Convention.  If this isn’t the world shoving Global Climate Change down the throats of the “deniers,” I don’t know what is.  Rick Scott, the Republican Governor of Florida, is already declaring a State of Emergency for the entire state, ahead of Isaac making landfall.  So this is a chance for the conservatives to do what they do best, raise millions of money at the expense of others, and pray for sunshine.

So far, here’s the shaping of the US Presidential Election, based on HuffPost Pollster charts and analysis.