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According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, Florida Governor Rick Scott is cutting $1.5 Billion in Corporate Tax Cuts while reducing spending to the state’s education budget by $3.3 Billion.  So Gov. Scott and his Florida state legislature believe it is beneficial to the state to cut funding to education and give the money to corporations in the forms of subsidies and tax breaks.

The Arizona Republic/Newsweek reports that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is giving a $538 Million tax-break over the next ten years while cutting $541 Million in Medicaid funding for her constituents.

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder is cutting $1.67 Billion on the poor and elderly while dolling out $1.73 Billion to corporate fat-cats.

Wisconsin’s own Scott Walker, in addition to trying to strip away the rights of the working person, he is cutting taxes by $140 Million to corporations while legislating tax hikes on the poor and elderly to the tune of $490 Million.

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, a super-secret tax haven “house” has been discovered that is supposed to represent 2000+ corporations. This link takes you to a report that sheds some light on this shady home.  Wyoming LLC Services is the company that is providing this haven for all sorts of corporations using one employee, “Rhoda,” along with the occasional mail carrier.